Book Review – American Like Me

Motivational stories from minorties in America

American Like Me is not a television show rather a book that I feel is extremely informative and motivational. The reason I chose to review this book is because after reading the stories in this book I feel many people, specifically Americans, could benefit from the stories shared by several minorities in the book. The book is not only motivating but gives perspectives from multiple cultures and backgrounds which many people would not consider. Another reason I chose to review this book is because these stories represent the different ways individuals and their families percieve their own version of the American family. American Like Me has fantastic stories as well as real life examples of hardships and accomplishments that individuals go through in life. One of my favorite stories in the book is about Kumail Nanjiani an Indian-American actor who moved to Iowa from India for college. As he explains the culture shock and the growth he experienced also refers to his family during the story. While his family was not originally from America the importance they played in his success and life is one many people can relate to themselves, even if his experiences were different than our own. This book gives great insight and the diversity expressed is truly eye opening to different American families and their experiences in this country.