T.V. Review #1 – The Andy Griffith Show

Idealistic small town family facing everyday life

The Andy Griffith Show, is based in the fictional town of Mayberry, NC. It is a wholesome show which depicts a southern family in the 1960’s era. This was a particularly interesting time, as free society was being introduced to a consertative culture. The show’s main character, Andy Griffith, is the father of a young boy named Opie and is the town’s Sheriff. Alongside Andy, is his comedic partner and best friend, Barney Fife. The Andy Griffith show was a very popular show then and still is watched by many today. I believe this is because of the way the show takes one back to a time when life seemed much simpler. You don’t have to be “country” or from the old times to enjoy the comedy, as well as the life lessons portrayed throughout the show. One of the most important factors of the show is how Andy was a family man. Raising a child alone with the help of his sister was the theme and showed that one could work through turmoil and maintain his responsibility to himself, his family and the town he worked for. The whole town respected him for his fairness, integrity, and honesty. Andy is a single father to Opie and has his Aunt Bee as the nanny. The family dynamic is a bit different than most families living during back in those days. WIth that being said, it shows the struggles Andy goes through being a single parent trying to raise his son to be a good man. Although life may get you down or be unpredictable there is always a way to solve your problems, generally with the help of caring others especially your family.